SMART Personalized Chemotherapy

Despite progress in the treatment of tumors, resistance to chemotherapy drugs and inter-individual differences in sensitivity to drug treatment remain a substantial obstacle to the healing of many patients. TICheP project aims to develop an innovative technological framework for the development of a personalized chemotherapy allowing reduced toxicity treatment. It will use ovarian carcinoma as a model, but it has the potential for extension to other types of tumors.


The project proposes the development of a perfusion microfluidic  totally automated system for the execution of pharmacological sensitivity tests and imaging to be performed on peritoneal carcinosis cells taken from a patient. The automated tests evaluate the individual response to chemotherapeutic drugs.


Tichep project co-financing remakable results!

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TiCHEP at Meet in Italy for Life Science

Meet TiCHEP Smart Personalized Therapy :16 octobre, 13.30-14.30 Auditorium atMeet in Italy for Life Sciences 2019 event, Trieste, Magazzino Molo IV workshop title: Progetti collaborativi pubblico-privati di Ricerca e Innovazione finanziati dal programma POR-FESR 2014-2020 in FVG Description (Italian) : verranno presentati alcuni esempi di progetti di Ricerca e Innovazione collaborativi tra le imprese, le …